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My turn to have Executive Portraits taken

So, it’s my turn to have executive portraits taken.

Like most photographers I know I hate being on the other side of my camera.  I was horrified when the call came yesterday from a journalist doing an article on me saying that she actually wanted a photograph of me. So it was with great reluctance that I asked my partner Clive to take some executive portraits of me in my studio in Richmond.  Clive was extremely patient, taking photographs in between my grimaces until we came up with some photos I was happy with. Not an easy task. It was really interesting being the subject of an executive portraits shoot and it is something I think benefits all photographers. It is all too easy to forget how it feels to be the subject rather than the photographer and every time I do it I learn something new.  It is so vital to put your subject at ease, to pay attention to all the little details and to make your subject feel that you like them and enjoy taking their photograph. I hadn’t realised that when you concentrate you frown and that can translate as a lack of pleasure with the photographs you are taking and make your subject feel insecure.  So, note to self, lots of smiles, lots of guidance and above all don’t take too long. If you hate having your photograph taken as much as I do, it doesn’t matter how much your photographer puts you at your ease or you are enjoying their company, a quick photo shoot is a good photoshoot! Thank you again Clive for doing a great job.

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