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Showcasing artwork in your home

Memory BoxYour artwork is a treasured commodity. It can be a visual expression of your past, your present and your future. Your artwork from the past may be that delicate watercolour you spent hours gazing at as a child in your grandmother’s house, or a print you saved up hard for as a student. Your present – well, that could be anything that makes you feel good at this moment in your life. Different artworks may provoke different emotions: that print that reminds you of your holiday and always makes you feel lucky to be alive; the precious canvas photo of your children’s laughing faces that always makes you smile; the black and white sketch of a tree scape by your bed that relaxes you before sleep. And as for your future, art can be a visual statement of your dreams. You want to visit New York, so every time you pass the cityscape hanging in your hallway you strengthen your resolve to look into air ticket prices.


Art can mean so many things to many different people, and is a very personal choice. What looks like a work of genius to some may be meaningless squiggles to others. A precious figurine on one person’s mantelpiece may be to another fit only for the bin.


With this degree of personal choice, displaying artwork in your home can feel like splashing your soul on the walls. When deciding where to put your artwork there are a few rules to stick to, like making sure you use a plumb rule to put them up straight! As with choosing art though, you will know when you’ve positioned a piece in the right place.


When putting up art in your main living room it’s best to consider the shape and size of the room. Is there a focal point? This usually tends to be a fireplace, and a large artwork, grouped around by several smaller prints, always looks good. Two roughly similar-sized pictures would look even better displayed on the alcoves beside the fireplace.


A popular trend in art is letters, either in the form of wall hangings, prints or solid decorations. Many people like to display these around the home, as their warm and witty messages can be used to sum up your own philosophy of life. Simple words like ‘bathe’ and ‘bake’ work really well in bathrooms and kitchens, and can add artistic interest to these practical areas.


Your bedroom should be a haven of relaxation. A large canvas just slightly smaller than the width of your double bed can look fantastic and be a starting point when you choose colours for your bed linen and accessories.


Grouping treasured items together also works well in all rooms of the house. Take a forgotten holiday photo from an album, put it in a pretty frame, and group items collected from that holiday around it. This idea also works well as a collage; remember to save tickets, menus, and photos and even pressed flowers from special days, and frame them. Memories make beautiful art.

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