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Headshot of Jason Ninh Cao

I have been working with an amazing person, Jason Ninh Cao.  He is skilled in many areas and both a fine actor, fighter and producer.  His credits include:: “Destination Saigon”, “Once Upon A Time In Vietnam” (Working with Dustin Nguyen), “Balas&Bolinhos – O Ultimo Capitulo”, (as Action director & playing the lead villain), movie “Blitz” Stunt (working with Jason Statham), “Killinaskully”, (Ireland), movie “Snatch” (working with Guy Ritchie), the “Shaolin Wheel Of Life” stage show, London based spoof Kung Fu movie “Draining Lizard’s”, and the long running UK television series “The Bill”.

Jason is the Creator and Producer of Iron Monk & Destination Saigon.

Jason created his production company, “JNC Productions Ltd”, in 2010. His goal in starting this company and in making “Iron Monk” & Destination Saigon was to set new standards in the fight film industry and make movies like they did 40 years ago – like Bruce Lee did – movies with great fighters, great stories, and no wires or special effects. It is an honour to work with Jason on the Iron Monk film project. His passion for the project is really contagious and it is a rare privilege to be involved in such an exciting project with such incredible people.  I am planning to a shoot with Jason in the coming weeks and very much looking forward to it!


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