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Rahul’s Birthday Album

One of the wonderful things about last year was meeting Rahul and his partner Damian.  On October 15th Rahul had the ultimate party to celebrate his 40th birthday.  It was everything the perfect party should be;  great food, brilliant djs, a beautiful and spectacular venue and above all three hundred and fifty of Rahul’s wonderful friends who are a testament to what a great person Rahul is. It really was the party to end all birthday parties!  After some searching the party was held at the incredible St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel.  If you haven’t been there it is a must.  Everything about it is amazing.  I must stay there one day…. which isn’t a problem if there is a party at the same time as your stay as a silent disco took over at midnight.  If you have never been to one it is really quite cool and certainly amusing.  Lots of people throwing shapes to different tunes and you couldn’t hear a sound!  If I had a mean streak I would’ve started shooting video but my better nature prevailed 🙂

Here are some pictures of Rahul’s storybook album.  It is an A3 100 page high quality leather bound album which totally captures the beauty of the event. You can also see the mini guest books.

Thank you again, Rahul, for a beautiful evening.  It was lovely meeting your friends and the party was a night we shall all remember. x


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