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Corporate Portraits With a Difference!

On Monday I was commissioned to take some PR shots of the executives of global healthcare research company Brains and Cheek.  As the company has a nautical theme we hired the Golden Hinde for the occasion.  We didn’t start shooting until after 2pm so had to work fast to capture our images before the light failed.  Thank you to Kevin and Troy and the actors at The Golden Hinde for your help and for putting up with us!

This was my first meeting with Brains and Cheek and they certainly lived up to their name.  Not only did we get all the shots we needed but we had a brilliant time, which I suspect is typical of a Brains and Cheek working day.  It is rare to see a group of individuals who work so well together as a team.  Thank you, Captains Bors & Mauro and Skippers, Cat, Laura and Dan for a great day!

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